Do you like reading?Why or why not?求英语大神解答,在线等,急,要有点新意

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I enjoy going to parties, such as birthday parties, festival parties, leaving parties and so on. There are two reasons. To begin with, I think party time is a good time for us to communicate and play with each other. Since we are busy with our studies in the daily life, we have few chances to do that. Secondly, different parties have different themes, so I can learn some knowledge when going to parties. For example, I once went to a Mid-Autumn Festival Party. During the party, we learned some traditions about the festival. We also ate moon cakes together to celebrate it. I really enjoy the time at a party.

I don’t like going to parties. Firstly, we are middle school students, and we have a lot of homework to do. So I’m too tired to go to parties after finishing my homework. Secondly, I enjoy being quiet, but it’s often a little noisy at parties. So I won’t feel comfortable at parties. In short, I don’t like going to parties.

I like going to parties very much. On the one hand, I can enjoy beautiful music and delicious food at the party. It provides a good chance for me to relax myself without my parents or teachers around me. On the other hand, I will meet different people at the party and make new friends by talking, singing or dancing with them. I used to be shy, but I’m more and more outgoing now. Sometimes I even have my own parties.